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What’s your body type and how does it affect your diet


Body types topic is an important topic that people have been talking bout a lot lately, if you can’t lose body fat easily, but you noticed that you’re able to gain it after even one cheat day on your diet? Or if you feel like you can eat a lot but still you can’t gain an ounce? Well, it’s because of your body composition, or what’s more known as body types.

There are 3 major body types and each one has specific things that describe it. Let’s explore them more in-depth and analyze each one so you can understand your body and then it will become easier for you to gain or lose weight depending on your diet.

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what is your body type
what is your body type


plan a diet for ectomorph

Ectomorphs ‘the typical skinny guy’ usually have lean muscles and long thin limbs. They have a fast metabolism means can burn fat easily because they’re are good at processing carbohydrates into energy. But they struggle to gain weight because their fast-twitch muscle fibers are underdeveloped. So to become more muscular, ectomorphs need to do less cardio, keep cardio sessions to a minimum and focus on short and intense workouts on their big muscle groups. Also, ectomorphs need to take on about 2800 to 3,000 calories a day (depending on other factors) including plenty of starchy carbs and protein, and they should eat before bed to avoid muscle catabolism.

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Mesomorphs have a naturally athletic body, this is the best body type for bodybuilding. They find it easy to lose/gain weight. You can see gains very quickly on mesomorphs but they can gain fat more easily than Ectomorphs so they have to keep their calorie intake on track. The best training program for Mesomorphs is a combination of weight training and cardio sessions.

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endomorphs female

Endomorphs body type is generally soft and solid with thick arms and legs, their muscles are strong. They tend to gain weight easily even though a large portion of this weight is fat and also they find it hard to lose it. Endomorphs need to keep their calorie intake on track and must always take cardio sessions to minimize fat gain.

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A Combination of Body Types?:

You may notice that you have a combination of two body types. These combinations can be either Ectomorph/Mesomorph or Mesomorph/Endomorph.

Here are the body types sections by percentages of the population, as you can see ectomorph/mesomorph and mesomorph/endomorph types are pretty common. .

body types ranked

If you still can’t figure out what’s your exact body type, take this quiz by Nutritioneering


Ectomorphs: skinny type, with fast metabolism and it’s hard for them to gain weight.

Mesomorphs: Athletic type, can lose fat easily but still can gain weight if not paying attention to their diets.

Endomorphs: with strong muscles but they can gain weight easily and faster than the other types.

Once you figure out what’s your exact body type, you should choose a diet and training that will go with your specific type

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15 thoughts on “What’s your body type and how does it affect your diet”

  1. This is good to understand your body and how it works. I have never looked into my body type. But after seeing this I want to learn a little more. Thanks.

  2. This is informative! I’ve found a combination of weight training and cardio sessions is key for me, but I need to watch my calorie intake as I get older. It’s not the same anymore, haha!

  3. This is one of the more straightforward explanations I’ve read…thanks for that. My type has changed with age, but definitely think I’m a combo — I did click through to the diet plan for my type and that was super helpful. I’ve reading and thinking about macros more lately, and those guidelines give me something to start with!

    1. Yes, body types can change because of many factors including age. Macros are very important, when we want to make a diet plan the first thing we need to consider after body types is marcos. Glad these posts could help. thank you for your comment!

    2. Thank you! Yes, you’re right body types can change because of many factors including age. Macros are very important when it comes to making a custom diet plan. Glad these posts could help. Thank you for your comment!

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