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Beware of These 4 Hair-care Myths!

While everyone is different, there are some common hair-care myths about hair loss that you should be aware of. Many of these myths are passed down through the generations and can often be a part of a woman’s life for years or even decades, and worse they can really affect her hair if she keeps believing in them!

So let’s start with the famous one:

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4 hair-care myths

So let’s start with the very first famous hair-care myth:

HAIR-CARE MYTH 1: Age matters:

hair-care myth age matters
haircare myth n 1: age matters

Some women believe that all of the hair loss they experience is because they’re in their late forties and that they’re losing their hair due to age. While these may be reasons why some people lose their hair, they are not always the case. Even though most men will lose hair at some point in their lives, this does not mean that women will experience this too. There are a variety of other reasons why a woman might have hair loss like genes for example or sometimes even long-term stress and this will depend on the person as well as the type of hair loss problem they have.

What you should do:

If you’re one of those who believe in this myth you should look at the real problem or problems that are causing you hair loss and start taking care of your hair regularly no matter what age you’re in. 

HAIR-CARE MYTH 2: Hair products are the only solution:

hair-care myth about hair products
haircare myth n 2: hair products are the only solution

Another hair care myth is that a woman can regrow all of her hair if she just keeps taking her medicines and continues to use her various hair products. While this may seem like a good idea, this is often an ineffective way to stop thinning hair.

The fact is that while chemical products can make you feel like your hair is getting better and looks better, it will do little or nothing to prevent the thinning from happening. Even if your hair was once thick and full, In fact, some of these chemical products may disturb the natural process of hair growth, this will cause the hair to fall out after a period of time.

What you should do:

You can consider using natural hair care remedies too and try to stay away from harmful chemical products especially the ones that are full of silicone that is known for its bad effect on hair.

HAIR-CARE MYTH 3: Milk helps with hair growth:

hair-care myth about milk
haircare myth n 3: milk helps

It is also a good idea to pay attention to your diet when you are concerned about thinning hair. Many people believe that a woman should drink a lot of milk because it will help her with her hair loss problem since it contain a lot of vitamins and protein. While drinking milk can be good for your health, this is not the right solution.

What you should do:

The best thing you can do is to reduce your consumption of milk or any other dairy products and focus more on drinking plenty of water. Will non-dairy milk be a good replacement? Maybe, but the problem is not the milk itself, it’s drinking other liquids more than water that’s why I only suggested to reduce your milk consumption and not cut it off totally. This will help your body to restore hair back to normal.

HAIR-CARE MYTH 4: Changing your shampoo every couple of months:

hair-care myth about shampoos
haircare myth n 4: Changing shampoos

This is another hair-care myth that a lot of people believe in, changing your shampoo every once in a while can actually hurt your hair more than benefit it. 

But keep in mind that it’s always good to try different types of shampoos (it’s better to try the safe ones free from hurtful chemicals) before settling on the “right” one for you. Also, keep in mind that your hair always responds differently to certain environmental factors and other factors that may be the reason why your hair is looking unhealthy or what will make you think that your shampoo is not working anymore.

What you should do:

So rather than just jumping to the easiest solution and throwing your shampoo, try to understand your hair better, and by that I mean to learn more about your hair type, its porosity, what is the environmental factor that hurt it the most, and, be mindful with your hair to see the best results with time.

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beware of these haircare myths
beware of these haircare myths

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