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Tips On How to deal with anxiety before it starts hurting your body

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Learn More About Anxiety And How To Deal With it Using These 4 Simple Techniques


when you’re facing a stressful situation that lasts for a long period, anxiety can happen.

It can be really annoying when you don’t know how to deal with anxiety and you’d feel that you can’t accomplish your daily tasks or continue living your life peacefully. But did you know it can affect you in a very bad way and cause you so many diseases?
In this article, you’ll learn more about anxiety and how to easily deal with it.

But Before learning how to deal with anxiety you need to understand first what is it:

Anxiety definition and how does it work:

To learn how to deal with anxiety, you need to understand what is anxiety exactly.
According to the AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION anxiety is an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts, and in several cases physical changes too.

In other terms, anxiety is your body’s response to a stressful situation, it’s your body’s way to let you know that the situation you’re facing is dangerous, a threat to your existence.

What is the difference between anxiety and stress?

Anxiety and stress may be similar are some of the symptoms but, stress can be defined as a response to an external situation such as a deadline or another specific issue, and once the situation is gone the stress that was caused by it can be gone too, but in the case of anxiety it can persist even after the threat or the anxious event is gone so the response is more internal and that what makes anxiety even difficult to deal with

Anxiety has a lot of types and each type has its own symptoms that you need to deal with differently 

Types of anxiety:

There are many types of anxiety disorder and I’ll just mention some common ones like:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social phobia or social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Agoraphobia
  • Specific phobias
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Symptoms of these types of anxiety:

As we already saw there are a lot of types of anxiety so of course, each type has its different symptoms. CalmClinic has listed more than 200 different symptoms of anxiety including the ones in the list below:

These are the most common anxiety symptoms.

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So before jumping to the solutions what does actually cause anxiety and how it can hurt you?

Causes of anxiety:

Beyond Blue has listed some of the common causes of anxiety such as:

  • Family history of mental health conditions
  • Personality factors
  • Ongoing stressful events
  • Physical health problems
  • Other mental health conditions
  • Substance use


How anxiety affects your body:

Anxiety can make life very difficult, and besides that, it can hurt your body in many ways, one of them is how anxiety increases heart rate and shorten your breathing which affects badly your organs,

  • The shorten in breathing can cause many respiratory problems
  • The uneasy feeling in the stomach causes gastrointestinal problems
  • The nervousness causes many problems such as muscle tension
  • The increase in heart rate causes heart diseases
  • Weight loss or weight gain due to hormonal problems
  • Anxiety affects other things too like your mood and some cognitive functions like
    memory, concentration and so much more

Now it’s time to learn how to deal with anxiety, there are a lot of methods but I tried to mention only the ones that I think they’re the most effective in the long term.

How to deal with anxiety:

Here is some of the best effective techniques that I’ve been using and they helped me a lot during my anxiety attacks:

  • Mindfulness and living at the moment:

Maybe you have heard of this one before, and you thought that it can’t be that effective, well I’m here to tell you that Mindfulness is one of the most effective techniques that have been used for anxiety, in fact, the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology has published a search that has identified 39 studies about the Effect of Mindfulness-Based Therapy on Anxiety and found out that mindfulness-based therapy is a promising intervention for treating anxiety.

So here is how I personally practice mindfulness

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Exhale gently
  3. Clear your mind
  4. Feel the moment and sense the things around you
  5. Remember that you’re safe
  • Meditation:

Meditation can be used to deal with anxiety as much as you can use it for stress; it can be very effective when practiced regularly. Meditation is known for its positive effects on a lot of psychological troubles including anxiety.

  • Talk Therapy:

Remember that you can always talk your problems away in the right way, talk to a friend, a family member, or a specialist, this is called talk therapy and it does really help a lot. It makes you feel supported, relief, and also it can help you to pay attention to some things that you haven’t been aware of, things that can cause you anxiety.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy:

You can also benefit from cognitive behavioral therapy; It’s wildly used for anxiety and is one of my favorites because it doesn’t only help you treat your anxiety but it also makes you learn how to deal with future anxious events in your life to avoid anxiety.

 Help Guide made a very helpful post about therapy for anxiety disorders if you’re interested in learning more about Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and other types of therapy to learn more about how to deal with anxiety.


Anxiety is a serious issue that a lot of us suffered or still suffering from, both anxiety and stress are similar in some of the symptoms but they can be different when it comes to the stimulus.

Anxiety can lead to many health problems even chronic ones.
There are many ways on how to deal with anxiety, and no matter what way you choose make sure to keep practicing it regularly.

Life doesn’t have to be so difficult, feel free to take some rest and don’t push yourself to do things that you’re not comfortable with or that will make you feel anxious

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how to deal with anxiety

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4 thoughts on “Tips On How to deal with anxiety before it starts hurting your body”

  1. Such a mindful reminder of what anxiety actually comprehends – and that it’s all in our mind. I have dealt with anxiety for a long period of time – sometimes still so – and breathwork definitely guides me toward a mental quiet zone. I have noted the part about ‘remembering that you’re safe’. That one isn’t in my system yet. Thank you for the wonderful read. Love, Susanne

    1. Sorry to hear that, hope you’re feeling better now. Anxiety can be difficult to deal with, have you tried meditation? In my case, meditation and mindfulness helped me a lot, I hope you feel safe soon! Thank you for your thoughtful comment

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