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5 Easy Effective Tips On How To Gain Muscle Mass

It looks like a lot of work to gain muscle mass, it can be difficult sometimes but it’s really simple, all you need is some guide throughout your journey so in this article I’ll give you some tips that will help you gain muscle mass easily.

Before heading to the tips I’d like to talk to you more about how your muscle can gain mass. During the workout, the muscle cells are exposed to stress that will increase the storage of protein. This is also called anabolism because substances such as protein are built up in the body.

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How to gain muscle mass faster
How to gain muscle mass faster

The 3 major factors that influence the muscle mass:

1/Muscle Damage:

According to bestfit the muscle damage during strength training becomes noticeable through sore muscles. This damage is like an inflammatory reaction, this means as soon as the body notices it, it starts to produce the growth hormone to make more cells for the repair and ensure the healing process. Also, a large number of cells that are necessary for muscle growth are stored in the sored muscle which means muscle damage promotes hypertrophy.

2/Mechanical tension:

When you’re training and lifting weight, you’re mechanically inducing tension in the muscle, this is an essential stimulus for muscle growth.

3/Metabolic stress:

Your body produces a lot of energy during the strength training session because of the “anaerobic energy metabolism). This type of energy production is due to the fact that all your other energy reserves are exhausted and/or the supply of new energy is too slow, metabolic stress occurs and your body reacts to this stress with this adaptation processes that trigger an increased hypertrophy reaction.

You need to know that to gain muscle mass, you must attack all the 3 essential factors for maximum results: multiple strength training sessions, lifting weight, and good nutrition for energy supply. You should have enough energy in your body provided by consistent small meals throughout the entire day. So my first tip is :

1/Get a good healthy diet:

you need to eat well. Consistency is key. If you’re working out with a good diet and getting quality workouts, your diet shouldn’t hinder your muscle building. On the contrary, the diet should enhance your muscle building and allow you to gain more muscle mass. There’s a lot of misconceptions about how to gain muscle mass; some people think they need to eat large quantities of food to gain weight and muscle. The truth is that it takes a great amount of consistent effort and time to develop and maintain a lean, muscular physique. And more importantly, it’s more about quality (what are you eating in your meals).

2/Eat smart to gain muscle mass:

To gain muscle mass, eat several smaller meals throughout the day – and even better, eat more carbs and protein! Carbs and protein-rich diet is a crucial component to growing muscle and gaining weight. instead of being hungry all the time. Also, eating small meals during the day instead of one big meal will give your body a better chance of using protein (and other nutrients) to repair itself.

You’ll never gain muscle without proper nutrition and an appropriate workout, but this tip will help you get started on the road to gain lean, muscular muscle mass.

3/Get your diet on track:

gain muscle mass track weight scale

Get a diet plan that fits your lifestyle and is healthy, and stick with it.

You should get the right amounts of macronutrients. But still, if you’re not eating “as you should”, don’t get discouraged. As long as you’re not skipping meals, you will be fine. But don’t give up. Stick with your diet plan and you will see amazing results. Also, focus more on your post-workout nutrition because that’s the time when your body needs more energy.

Learn more about how much macronutrients you’ll need in your diet to gain muscle mass

4/Go with the right workout, not any workout:

you need to have the right workouts that will suit your body. This is where you’ll find yourself spending the majority of your time, so make sure it’s the right one! If you’re not into doing hundreds of reps, find a routine that can help you build muscle and stay healthy at the same time. The best tips to help you gain muscle mass include: lifting heavier weights, hitting several areas in a single set and not the same area especially not in the same day, performing fewer repetitions, and make a progress with time, this means you’ll be increasing the intensity of each workout and also maximizing your muscle’s recovery.

5/Take it easy:

Our body should exercise every day, but that doesn’t mean you should drain yourself and tire your body every day. Your workouts should not pass 16 sets ( 12 or 13 if you still a beginner) and make sure you sleep early and rest well because the muscle needs recovery to gain mass.


If you want to gain muscle mass you need to: get a good healthy diet plan that will assure will get you all the macronutrients that you’ll need for muscle gain and stick to it, come up with the workout plan that will suit your body, and don’t overdo it, always let your body rest before reps and keep the training sessions short (50min or so) and most importantly be patient and enjoy the progress!

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