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10 Toxic morning habits You Must Quit As Soon As Possible

These are some of the worst habits you can start your day with

Every morning after you turn off that alarm clock, you are probably rushing around to get ready for the day, what you didn’t notice is that while getting ready every morning for your day, you may have developed some pretty bad morning habits. These unhealthy habits can be the cause of bad emotions which can lead to a very stressful and bad day.

So to be aware of those ugly habits, in this post, you’ll learn more about 10 of the things you’re probably doing every morning that can ruin your day and block your self improvement journey.

Here are the 10 toxic morning habits you should avoid:

1. Waking up late:

If you wake up late, you might be used to laziness and the feeling that somehow you’ve wasted the day. But what you might not realize is that waking up late can actually have some pretty harmful effects on your health.

First, if you wake up late you’ll be less productive and you won’t be able to accomplish all your daily tasks. 

Sleeping less than 6 hours has been associated with overeating, poor food choices, and weight gain. Especially when you skip meals at the right time and end up getting really hungry at night.

Also Waking up just one hour earlier could reduce the risk of depression So if you’re already struggling with your mental health try to avoid this bad habit.

2. Skipping breakfast

If you’re late, of course, you’ll think about skipping breakfast and how you’ll manage to grab a bite later on your way to work. So if you’ve been there I’m sure you’re already aware of how bad this habit can be. Skipping breakfast doesn’t only make you less energetic during the day but also it makes you more likely to crave unhealthy foods later in the day.

Even though it’s so important for you to sit and enjoy your breakfast slowly, if you don’t have time for a sit-down breakfast, there are plenty of healthy options you can grab on the go: A hard-boiled egg, a piece of fruit, or a protein shake are all great choices. So don’t skip breakfast and your body will thank you for it! 

3. Having a bad breakfast:

It’s not just skipping breakfast, but also having a bad breakfast can ruin your whole day. It’s the most important meal of the day, and if you start your day off with something that isn’t nutritious, it can set you up for a day of unhealthy eating.

There are a few things that make breakfast bad. The first is if it’s high in sugar. A lot of breakfast foods are loaded with sugar, and this can give you a quick burst of energy, but it will also crash shortly after. You’ll be left feeling tired and sluggish, and more likely to reach for unhealthy snacks later in the day.

Another problem with a bad breakfast is if it’s high in calories but low in nutrients. This is often the case with sugary cereals or pastries. 

4. Starting your day with coffee:

First, don’t get me wrong, I love coffee BUT it’s a very bad habit to start your day with coffee or just coffee. Besides the fact that coffee can hurt your stomach if you take it first thing in the morning, what coffee also does is that it blocks the absorption of so many important vitamins and minerals that your body needs to function.

Also coffee is a stimulant, which means it can cause your body to feel more awake and alert. Drinking coffee first thing in the morning can cause your body to produce more cortisol, the stress hormone. This can lead to feeling anxious and stressed throughout the day.

So if you like coffee you can wait an hour or so after your healthy breakfast before drinking your first cup of the day (also please don’t drink more than 3 cups a day)

5. Leaving your bed unorganized:

Leaving your bed messy in the morning is a habit that can start unharmful but get really toxic with time. Getting home later to a messy bed can make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, which can lead to fatigue and other health problems. Additionally, a messy bed can be a source of stress and anxiety, making it hard to start your day off on the right foot.

If you’re someone who tends to leave their bed mess in the morning, try to wake up early and take some time each morning to make your bed before you go to work. This will help you get into the habit of starting your day with a clean and organized space.

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6. Checking social media:

Since we’re talking about toxic habits, this one is by far the worst of them and just for your mornings but for any time during the day if I’m being honest. We all know how it feels to roll over in bed, pick up your phone, and start scrolling through social media. We do it every morning, and for many people, it’s the first thing they do when they wake up. But what they don’t realize is that this habit is actually really harmful to their mental health.

When you start your day by checking social media, you’re setting yourself up for a negative mindset. You’re exposed to all of the negative things that are happening in the world and in other people’s lives, and you start comparing those things to your own life. You see what others are showing you and you start thinking to yourself that you’re not good enough. We all know that those photos are not the big picture but bumping into them once you wake up can have a very bad impact on your entire day.

So do yourself a big favor and try to avoid this toxic habit of checking your social media accounts first thing in the morning

7. Checking the news:

This is as bad as checking your social media. Either by checking your phone or the newspapers or turning on the tv, this can also have a negative impact on your mental health and your mood.

Checking the news first thing in the morning can also be bad for your well-being. Studies have shown that watching the bad news can trigger negative feelings and if you suffer from anxiety watching the news can actually make it worse. people who read or watch the news first thing in the morning are more likely to experience anxiety and depression.

If you find yourself starting your day by checking your phone or watching the news, try to break this habit by taking a few deep breaths, meditating, and focusing on positive thoughts or try to practice one of those healthy morning routines. You’ll be surprised at how much better your day will be. 

8. Smoking:

Early morning cigarette ritual won’t make your day as better as you might think, on the contrary, it has some bad effects on your health because you’re not just filling in your system with bad substances but also it can also be a risk of developping some very bad diseases such as lung cancer.

If you like to smoke, i suggest that you give your body some time to wake up and have the nutrients it needs, then wait untill lunch break or at least after breakfast to have your first cigarette of the day.

9. Complaining right after you wake up:

No one likes a complainer, especially first thing in the morning. If you’re starting your day by complaining about everything that’s wrong, you’re setting yourself up for a negative day. It’s important to be mindful of how you start your day, so it’s time to break this bad habit.

If you find yourself complaining about your day before it even starts, try to take a step back and think about what’s causing all this negativity, is it something that can be fixed? If so, take action to fix it! If not, well try to let it go and move on.

Keep in mind that starting your day with a positive attitude is the key to having a good day. So instead of complaining about everything and anything, try to avoid this bad habit and instead focus on the good things around you.

10. Rushing things instead of taking your time:

This usually happens when you wake up late, but sometimes you just rush things because you want to be somewhere early or because simply it’s just a habit you get used to. So to avoid it, try being more mindful, take your time enjoying your shower, breakfast, wearing your clothes and during all your morning routine.


These were some of the worst morning habits you could be doing and that can ruin your day entirely, so try to avoid them as possible as you can by replacing them with other good healthy morning habits!

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22 thoughts on “10 Toxic morning habits You Must Quit As Soon As Possible”

  1. Oh, the complaining first thing is a good one. I don’t think I do this, but my husband does. And I don’t like hearing it, I mean, the day JUST began, how can there by anything to complain about. I do check social media and my email sometimes. I need to work on that.

  2. I’m a tea drinker in the morning and recently switched to stretching while I wait for my tea to brew rather than checking my email and social media. I’m really surprised to find what a difference it has made in my day!

  3. I did not know that about coffee! I generally drink mine before breakfast, but I’m going to try waiting to drink it and see what happens.

    1. I used to do this too but my stomach started to hurt. It’s acid it can hurt your stomach or your gut. If you really like drinking it before breakfast try adding some milk to it (since milk is presumed to be alkaline)

  4. i literally do 7 out of the 10 my life is a mess. I have to start trying to get in bed no later than 9 because the 3 am and right back up at 6 thing isn’t working.

    1. I used to stay up late working and it was one of the worst decisions I’ve made because it impact my health in the long term, it was a bad habit for me so now I usually go to bed around 11 am and wake up at 6 am to work, it boosts my productivity a lot!

  5. Complaining right after you wake up! This is such a good tip. I don’t complain out loud but I might start the day with a negative conversation that i had the night before, going over it in my head. Will be more mindful of this. Thank you!

    1. Yes sometimes even feeling unsatisfied or ungrateful about your day after you wake up can make the rest of the day bad. It’s one of the bad habits I was doing as well and never noticed its impact on my day

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