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40+ new Healthy Habits To Make 2022 Your Best Year

2021 was a little messy for a lot of people, but for me, it was definitely one of my best years so far. Because I started some new healthy habits and they made my life way better. That’s why I decided to write this post for you. So if you’re looking for ways to make this new year better than the previous one you should definitely consider some new healthy habits to start this year to improve your life and also you should definitely grab your free a the end of this post!

Why you need new daily habits:

Practicing new habits won’t just make you more energetic and happier but also it will make your daily life healthier, you’ll get rid of your boring routine and getting used to healthy habits is actually good for your physical and mental health!

Daily habits on a budget:

These are all simple easy habits that you can practice even if you don’t have money, some of them are completely free and some require a small budget but you can still choose the free ones if you’re more comfortable with spending no money now.

This list is divided into 3 sections:

  • Physical habits
  • Self Care habits
  • Nutrition habits

What important is to remember that whatever habit you choose you need to maintain it as a lifestyle, as James Clear said:

Habits are not a finish line to be crossed, they are a lifestyle to be lived

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So let’s start!

Physical habits:

  • Organize your room each morning

Organizing your room has a lot of benefits, it makes you more energetic and gives you a feeling that you’re ready to organize your tasks of the day. So try to start with this simple habit of making your own bad every morning.

  • 10 to 15 minutes meditation or mindfulness

Before having breakfast, I always take 15min or 20min of my morning to meditate. Meditation helped me a lot with stress, it’s calming, and gives you space to organize your thoughts so you can have a very smooth productive day. If you’re not familiar with meditation try to start with just 5 minutes and increase the period every week. Remember it’s all about consistency so make sure to your schedule and make it a daily habit.

  • 30min walk

Walking has a lot of health benefits, I personally love evening walks, they’re calming and perfect for clearing my mind. I recommend a 30minutes walk every day, you can choose any time you want just make sure to stick to this habit.

  • Move more

Besides walking every day for  30 minutes, try to move more especially if you have to sit a lot in front of the desk. Stretch your legs or arms every 2 hours, take the stairs instead of the elevator or if you’re working from home get up and move around the house every 2 to 3 hours. It will give you better circulation and gives you some time to rest.

  • Workout 3 times a week at least

I know this is not a daily habit but I felt like I had to include it because t has a major impact on me during the quarantine. I was working out every day or 3-4 times in some weeks, and when everybody was talking about laziness and stress, I wasn’t feeling any of that not because I wasn’t feeling any quarantine pressure but working out helped me regulate my mood and kept me energetic every day so my stressful days were low compared to others.

  • Practice new sports/activities

This one is different from working out, but still same magical effect when it comes to regulating mood and reducing stress. Practicing a new sport like tennis, basketball, or football or a new activity/hobby like learning an instrument, cooking, or crafting is still good for your mental health. Make 1hour of your time to practice a new activity or hobby and make it your new habit!

  • Stretching at any opportunity

Stretching is one of my favorites before bed daily habits, it helps me relax and sleep better. I started a 30 days hips and legs stretching challenge and so far, it was the best challenge ever. There is a lot of stretching poses for beginners so don’t worry you don’t need to be flexible or already practicing yoga to enjoy these stretching poses that I personally I do.

  • Straighten your posture

Your posture can affect your back if you’re working more on your desk. Try to pay more attention to your posture every time you’re sitting, to avoid back pain and hip pain.

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healthy habits
healthy habits to make this year your best

Self care habits

  • Practice yoga

Yoga might seem less intense from working out but it still has an amazing effect on regulating your mood, improving your physical health and makes you deal with your daily lives in a better way.

  • Go offline more

 As technology develops in fast ways lately, it becomes so easy to get distracted from the present moment, simple pleasures, and even our tasks, by only clicking few clicks on the phone. In this way, we lose our ability to focus on our moments and goals, and visions.

Also, social media impacts us in a bad way if we keep checking on its news or standards, it really affects badly your way of thinking when using your device for a long time, because the media contains a great amount of bad news and (perfect/ideal) content. Also, it affects your eyes badly, especially when used excessively mainly at night, and you start losing focus, losing the present moment. 

So make sure to make it a habit, to limit your online time on social media every day

  • No screens after 10 pm

Blue light can affect your sleep and hurt your eyes, so reduce your screen time at night and try to read a book instead

  • Limit the news

the negativity of the news can increase your stress and anxiety level. So avoid or limit your news sources in TV, newspaper, or the internet and focus more on creating your own positive world.

  • Conscious breathing

Be mindful of your breathing. It is a great and simple tool to re-connect to our bodies, our emotions, in the present moment without rushing them or suppressing them. By re-focusing on our state in the now we can use conscious breathing exercises (so many from easy to advanced) to slow down and relax too.

  • Journaling/writing whatever comes to your mind

journaling or freewriting is always included as one of the most effective habits to have, its benefits change from about what you are writing about:

  1. If it is inner talks, discussing inner ideas with yourself through journaling, then this is a perfect tool to be clear and discover yourself, your thoughts, your beliefs and change them
  2. If you are writing about creative ideas, then this is can help you in your projects and creations
  3. Journaling about future plans, or your vision.
  4. Or simply writing what comes to mind, as an expression of your current state, can bring a huge relief.
  • Reading a book, and set a number of pages per day (example 5 pages)

As you already know, we had so much free time during last year (at least for most of us) so reading was definitely a good option. I had so many books on my list and I never had the time to actually sit and start reading them, that’s why I decided to start this habit and it was a good choice! First, I started with a small number of pages, and then I kept adding 1 or 2 pages every time, finishing a book in 2 weeks become easier with time, I learned so much during last year and it was fun!

  • Self-massage

Doing massage to yourself, with your own hands is a beautiful expression of self love, not only it will make you feel relaxed in your own skin and more connected to your body, but also it will benefit your skin and helps circulate the blood on it. Maybe adding some coconut oil to have a better experience or dry brushing.

  • Live in the present moment

Because of our daily lives, we tend to dive in our thoughts more during the day until we become so charged and stressed, that’s why I added this one on the list for you to make it your new habit. This is different from sitting and meditating, you can be present in the moment when doing your daily activities like driving, washing the dishes, eating, reading. Don’t think about past events or what’s going to happen in the future, just make sure to live and feel the present moment.

  • Skincare routine

Maintaining a daily skincare routine is a highly recommended habit, by keeping your skin clean from makeup, nurtured, taking care of it and beautifying it slowly, and showing up for it each day. The result you will get is healthy glowing skin full of life. You can also split the routine to morning and night skin routine for more balanced beneficial results

  • Daily hygiene routine

I think you’ve already made this a habit but I felt like there is no harm in including it again. Brushing your teeth, taking a shower, brushing your hair, washing your face and legs after you come home, take care of your underarms hygiene, and of course don’t forget your period hygiene!

  • Spend time in nature

Nature has so many benefits for your health, it relaxes you with its fresh air, refreshes your soul, and helps you organize your thoughts. Make it a habit to spend some time in nature, if you can’t do it everyday, try at least once a week and you’ll notice the changes in your life.

  • More gratitude

Studies have already shown the benefits of gratitude in our daily lives, no matter how life is there is always something to be grateful for, when you’re practicing gratitude you’ll notice that you’ll become more optimistic, more productive and you’ll learn how to appreciate the things in your life no matter how big or small they are. Starting your day by appreciating 3 things in your life, or you can do it before sleeping, just make sure to add this one to your habits list!

  • Affirmations:

Affirmations are so powerful if you use them correctly, they can change the way you look at yourself and by that, you can change your daily life. You can for example become more confident by using some confidence affirmations. Choose an area that you want to improve in your life, write some positive affirmations around it and repeat at least 3 affirmations every day, and when I say repeat I mean focus on the affirmation when pronouncing the words not just saying it while watching TV or thinking about what you’re going to eat at lunch. Pay attention to the words and feel the power of the affirmations you choose.

  • Think positively

The goal of limiting the news and repeating affirmations is to become more optimistic and to start making positive thinking a habit. It’s very normal to think negatively sometimes so don’t be hard on yourself, just try to pay more attention to your thoughts when they flow, are they positive? If yes focus on them, if no feel them and try to change them by thinking of the other bright side of the story. Positive thinking helped me a lot during last year and I’m sure it will help you too and make your year better.

  • Call or text a friend

Checking on your friends and having chat with them will help you feel more connected to others, as a human, we seek connection, and checking on others is a nice gesture because it will make both of you happy.

  • Create tomorrow’s to-do list

To be more productive, to be more organized! Try to always make a To-Do list for tomorrow’s tasks, it will save you a lot of time and it will also reduce your work stress

  • Choose tomorrow’s outfit at night

Make you make fewer decisions, you be more productive during your day if you take fewer decisions in the morning

  • Listen to podcasts

there are a lot of good podcasts that are so helpful. I personally listen to health and wellness podcasts and some blogging and marketing podcasts, but you can choose any type you want. In your free time while you’re scrolling in social media try to listen to 1 or 2 episodes every day as a new habit, I can guarantee that you’ll learn so much from them

  • Smile more

Smiling is good for your face muscles, and also makes you feel good and it’s a nice gesture for others

  • Pray

Praying helped me a lot with my anxiety, it’s like meditating but a little different. Try to make praying a daily habit.

  • Vitamin D (get some sunlight):

You need to track your vitamin D levels. But of course, you won’t do a vitamin D test every day. I didn’t include this one in nutrition habits because I believe that the best source of getting vitamin D is by producing it using the sun so make sure to get some sunlight every day during the time between 11 am to 3 pm.

  • Declutter

Make sure to avoid cluttering and declutter your closet at least once a week, but also avoid decluttering your clothes and things daily

  • Have a healthy mindset

Make sure to Attribute and add new healthy thoughts to grow mentally and have a more mature view of life and its experience.

Nutrition habits:

  • Drink plenty of water

If I’ll start writing the benefits of drinking water, I probably will never finish writing this post, and I believe that you already know how much water is important for your body and skin so don’t forget to drink 2L of water every day. I used to add some chia seeds to my bottle of water but you can add lemon too for extra flavor if you want

  • No junk food

I’m pretty sure you’re aware of how much junk food can affect your health in a very bad way, so try to limit your intake of junk food as much as you can. Add this habit to your list and start tracking it!

  • Detox

Normally you don’t need a detox habit because our bodies can perfectly do it on their own but, since we live in such a toxin environment and we usually eat food full of toxins it’s best to help your body to detoxify. There are a lot of detox methods such as Detox juice, detox water, and some other methods. Try to stick to these 2 methods first and you’ll see amazing results!

  • Cook your meals

As I already mentioned avoid eating junk food by cooking your own meals, it’s healthier and it’s really fun!

  • Try a new recipe

Discover new recipes every day, try different ones, different new flavors. You’ll enjoy this process.

  • Reduce sugar

The bad bacteria in your intestine feed on sugar so cut or limit your sugar intake, I’m not talking about carbs, carbs are good for you, I’m talking about candy sugar, fructose (juices) not fruits

  • Reduce salt

Iodic Salt is full of aluminum and too much salt can raise the blood pressure so either make sure to use sea salt or Himalayan salt, or to limit your salt daily intake.

  • Eat slowly and mindfully

If you suffer from digestion or gastrointestinal problems, this habit is the one for you, during your next meal try to eat mindfully and notice if you’re chewing all the food or not, if you’re eating slow or fast, by practicing this habit you will notice a lot of bad food behaviors you were doing and never paid any attention to.

How to start new habits:

Any practice usually takes 21 days to become a habit, which means you can’t call a specific action a habit if you don’t do it regularly especially on a daily basis. So if you want to make a certain practice a habit you have to make a schedule and stick to it every day.

Are you currently practicing any new habits from this list? Let me know in the comments section!
But before you go I want you to grab your FREE habit tracker and start your new favorite healthy routine today! 

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