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10 Natural Ways To Avoid Acne Especially During Your Period

I’m not a big fan of acne and I never was, and I’m sure you feel the same as me, and I’m also sure that you have an amazing skincare routine and you always wash your skin and hydrate it and you make sure to apply a scrub once a week but even though you still get acne, sometimes once a month before or during your period, sometimes before your exams, and sometimes you keep getting them randomly and this starts to annoy you already. I know because I had the same case!  well yes, I still get acne sometimes but not like before. So in this post, I’ll show you 10 natural tips to avoid getting acne especially during your period:

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Natural ways to avoid acne especially during your period

  • Reduce greasy food like fast food

The first tip that I would like to start with is greasy food like junk food, I don’t mean fat food, unlike a lot of people say, fats are actually good, you just need to take the “right type of fats” which are polyunsaturated fats, and reduce the bad ones trans fatty acids.

  • Pay attention to your liver health

Liver is important for detoxing your body. Try to reduce alcohol and drink some coffee instead. Here are some food to protect your liver.

  • Keep your Kidneys healthy

This is one of the most important ways to avoid acne Almost all the toxins leave our bodies through kidneys by urine, drink a lot of water every day. How much you should drink depends on your weight but 2L are mostly recommended for everyone and of course make sure to drink more than 2L in your workout days

  • Avoid acne by Avoiding Stomach and Gut issues:

This is a simple natural way to avoid getting acne, but t’s not that easy. Maining a good gut health is crucial to your overall health so make sure to add enough fiber to your diet, eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, also cereals if you don’t have any gluten allergies. Here are some natural ways to cleanse and protect your gut.

  • Drink herbal teas

Tea contains antioxidants that can help clear the skin; drinking green tea or spearmint tea can treat acne, or you can apply it directly on your skin as a mask.

  • Blood level and vitamin b

Vitamin b5 is good for skin and acne, vitamin b7 also called biotin is known for its benefits for the skin so make sure to get enough B vitamins during the day. B vitamins are water soluble, means your body won’t stock them in its fat but it will get rid of them through urine so it’s important to get at least the daily recommendation of B vitamins everyday.

  • Reduce stress

Stress is one of the top reasons for acne because it messes with your hormones. Try some meditation techniques, go for a walk or practice your favorite activities, do whatever will make you feel better and relaxed.

  • Get enough sleep:

I’m sure you’ve heard this before but sleep is the best way to detox and heal your body. During sleep, we activate the parasympathetic system also called rest and digest and this allows our bodies to heal and get rid of the toxins. So make sure to get enough sleep, 7 or 8 hours, and also It’s very important to sleep between 11 pm and 3 am to get some quality sleep.

  • change your pillowcase:

You do all your skincare routine, you eat well, you sleep well, you’re managing your stress, and you still get acne? the answer is so simple: Your pillowcase! Yes is one contains a lot of bacteria and things that can mess with your skin and cause you acne, so make sure to always change your pillowcase (like once a week) and always use cotton or good fabric microfiber pillowcases.

  • stop touching your face:

Yes you’re already aware that you shouldn’t pop a pimple, but I’m talking now about the habit of just touching your face, you’re watching TV or using your laptop and you automatically start touching your face here and there. Stop doing this! Your hands contain a lot of bacterias and germs, more than you can imagine and when you keep touching your face every time these bacterias will get to your skin and cause you acne. so if you have this bad habit try to reduce it to the maximum.

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13 thoughts on “10 Natural Ways To Avoid Acne Especially During Your Period”

  1. Great points! Hi m not a sufferer any more but I was for many many years. Now my preteen son is starting to get some. I will implement your point and hopefully help him avoid the scars I got from my acne 😔

    1. I feel you Joanna! I tried almond oil and some homemade masks rich in vitamin E and other helpful ingredients for acne scars and they worked well for me, the idea is to stimulate your skin to produce new healthy cells and focus more on eating healthy nutritious food with Vitamins especially vitamin C since it helps the skin to make more collagen, and of course, drink a lot of water (2L or more during summer)

  2. I’m being more mindful of by vitamin B12 consumption now that I’m following a vegan diet. It’s good to know that this could actually help clear up my skin.

  3. Some very useful tips for reducing acne. I really agree that the liver is very important in many health issues. I never knew about the green tea.

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