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5 Things Every Woman Should Know

Years ago I was struggling with some issues that made my life difficult, things like caring about people’s judgments, self-criticism, self-doubt, and anxiety. But once I’ve learned these 5 things, my life has changed to the best!

So I decided to write this post to bring awareness to 5 important things every woman should know and be aware of.

1. Your physical appearance is not that important:

Don’t get me wrong,
beautify well, dress well, take care of your physical body the best you can because it’s
your temple, Just while practicing all these tips, make sure to stay aware of the fact that you’re so much more than your physical appearance.

We all know the one famous quote that says “never judge a book by its cover” (or in some cases its movie adaptation) but still, people tend to judge us by our appearances.

The truth is it’s not people’s fault, it was never about people, it’s all about you and how you see yourself, how you feel about your body image, and how much you love your appearance. ( the outer world is a reflection of our thoughts and feelings).

Once you start loving yourself you’ll notice a lot of changes around you, people will start to like you and respect you no matter what you dress, of course as I mentioned earlier you still need to dress clean and take care of your body.

your beauty transcends all the surface you and other people can see. Do you know the good consequences of these realizations?

 More freedom, more creativity, less perfectionism, less critical thinking

2. You are neither your thoughts nor your emotions:

Your low energy and sad days when you feel that you don’t want to work, to go outside, or to do anything, and rather that you just want to eat ice cream and watch Netflix. Your moody days where you keep jumping from one feeling to another and you’re being all confused when a simple small thing irritates you or makes you cry. Your overthinking hours when you can’t stop analyzing what someone did or said to you and you keep playing those scenarios in your head over and over again.

All of these feelings are not you, they don’t define who you are as a person, you’re not a sad, overthinker, or angry person so stop calling yourself that. You’re just expressing temporary feelings and thoughts.

Feelings are just visitors, let them come and go” -Mooji

And so are your thoughts. They’re just symptoms or signs that your brain is trying to communicate with you through them to tell you that there are some old bad patterns or hidden anger that needs your attention in order to get fixed. You Are the one who gives that attention to them, so stop judging yourself for a while and instead be resilient, notice your thoughts and feelings, accept them and then try to deal with them in the right way.

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quote feelings are like visitors let them come and go
Mooji quote

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3. Don’t confuse self love with pleasure:

Among the things every woman should know is that having fresh neat manicures, having a spa, frequently having shopping sessions, going to parties very often, etc, all are amazing for sure except these are usually mistaken for self love when in actuality, they’re a form of pleasure. Of course, it’s a good thing to take care of yourself and to do activities that make you feel happy but, sometimes you might do all of these activities but still lack self love. In reality, according to Joe Dispenza

“ the more you love yourself, the less you’ll seek pleasure out there”.

Self love is a journey of
knowing yourself, your inner world, a journey of evolvement, of bettering yourself from inside before anything else, trusting yourself, and especially being kind to yourself which is one of the most important things every woman should know.

Check these 10 Powerful Ways to Practice Self-Love.

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Things Every woman Should Know
5 things every woman should know

4. Always assume good and think optimistically:

 I know that life can be difficult sometimes, but no matter what happens always remind yourself that everything is going to be okay.

Be an optimist and always predict good things, this not only will make you live a happy and peaceful life but also, because assuming the worst can attract the worst, and when assuming the best it often attracts the best, or sometimes it makes you avoid unnecessary hurt or negativity. So always think positively and keep in your mind that good and beautiful things are coming on your way!

The 5th thing every woman should know is:

5. Being okay with receiving because it is a powerful feminine practice:

When Receiving compliments we usually get shy and instantly try to give a compliment back, but that’s not how it should be.

So every woman should know that: It’s okay to receive compliments, just accept them, feel good about receiving them and simply reply by thank you.

You should also feel comfortable with receiving gifts from your family, friends, or even your partner, with receiving sweet gestures and love from others etc. These are all powerful everyday practices that strengthen your feminine charm. So next time when you receive a compliment instead of feeling shy remember that you deserve it and you have all the rights to feel good about it

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26 thoughts on “5 Things Every Woman Should Know”

  1. You have just made a lot of companies rewrite what is self love because they always make it part of pleasure!!oh my gwash. Okay great post. Loved that you offered a very valuable reminder. And important. Grew up watching women shop to “Self care,” but blowing money is not! So yasss will be using your tips

  2. I love these. I always feel odd when I get compliments and since this year I have decided to train myself to look at the bright side of things and love myself. Thanks for these!

  3. Great article! I really resonate with the first two tips. Meditation has really helped me learn that my emotions are not me, they are just something I experience.

  4. Number 3 for sure!! Those little pleasures are so nice to have but they do not equal self-love or self-care. I’ve realized that I need to make time for me to be introspective and reflect on my goals and feelings. It has made me feel sooo much more content in life.

  5. I love these tips! The funny thing is that I managed to actually implement them in my late twenties-early thirties! Better late than never, but somehow I wish I could have realized these things earlier! Well, actually I’m still struggling with #5, but I’m getting there! Thanks!

    1. I’m so happy for you! Yes, I’m still struggling with some of them too but keep getting forward and trying to be better today than we were yesterday is what actually matters. Keep up the good work! Thank you for your comment

  6. Love this advice! Especially love what you said about pleasure not being self care! Self care is such a deeper feeling than buying new shoes! It’s definitely okay to spoil yourself but it’s not going to give you long term satisfaction the way falling in love with yourself will! I’ve been on my journey for about a year now and each day I and learning more and appreciating myself more! Thanks for sharing ❤️

    1. Thank you for your comment, yes you’re right! Self care is way different than that and I hope more women will pay more attention to this because sometimes pleasure can be the opposite of self care.

  7. As a woman, I relate to all these. Specially the first one. For a while I had been believing that appearance is everything. Which is undeniably a wrong assumption. Thank for talking about these important things.

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